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General Sports Training Resources

Sport New Zealand – Balance is Better – Focus on Youth Support.

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Climbing Specific Resources

Here are some resources compiled by Climbing Escalade Canada

Here is one go to blog suggested by Chris Warburton:

Rob’s lockdown training video series:

A little clip so everyone can stay safe while training at home. We want to see everyone come out the other side of this in good shape! Watch out for Rob’s other videos coming soon on how to make fun training apparatus from things you have lying around the place.

If you don’t have a hang board or holds to hang from then keep watching. Also I describe a little training session you can do on the hangboard. You can do this every second day up to 3x in the week. Have fun with this, more tips and things to make coming tomorrow………..Remember too, when using sharp tools check in with your parents or get them to do the sharp tool stuff.

Hopefully you will have enough things lying around to make a suspension trainer. Check out the video to see what to do. Remember if you are using sharp tools, check in with your parents first. Have fun training!Sorry about the lighting, its hard to find a good camera crew at the moment

Learning about using unstable bases to train on. Rob talks about renovating your kitchen and different uses for your hydration containers. No disclaimers in this one.Have fun

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