The Vision and Team

The Vision

Rob Moore, CNZ head coach at the time, had a vision of setting up a High performance speed programme to train a handful of athletes with the goal of qualifying for the 2024 Olympic in Paris. 

Within less than two years of starting that programme, the programme has shown strong results with two athletes selected for the Olympics. 

The Team

The coaching and support team that makes up the New Zealand Speed programme

Rob Moore, Head Coach and visionaire:

“I’ve been coaching climbing now since 1996, a long time by any standard, but a long time in an industry that is still fairly green. I have found a small crew of highly talented, extremely keen individuals who had the passion and drive to want to go all the way to the top. In February 2022 the NZ Olympic speed climbing program began. With my passion driving the program, and the athletes ambition driving their desire, we have established an incredibly strong base for the athletes to thrive. 2023 was an incredible year with such amazing results. 2024 will be even better. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring to the squad.

Kerry Hill, Speed and Agility Coach

Kaz Adam, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Klaus Regnault, Mental Conditioning Coach

Kim David, Secretary and Treasurer

Sarah Sorensen, Team Manager