Support and FundingĀ 

The Speed Climbing programme is always on the lookout for more financial and general support.

With the incredible speed that the programme has shown to be successful.Coaches all over the world are asking how we are doing it. The success has come from creating an incredible team environment where the athletes love what they do, have brought into the vision and are surrounded by an incredibly tight team of coaches and support staff. Every athlete on the program works incredibly hard to succeed, and although an individual sport, support each other to ALL become the best they can be! What a ride we are on!

We would love to have you join us.

Our Supporters

Due to the Speed team’s immense success, they are receiving a large media attention on an ongoing basis. The team is involved in several radio shows, newspapers articles as well as TV programmes. We ensure that our funders and supporters are named and visible in any media as possible and appropriate.