Women in Sport

High Performance Sports NZ Project

HPSNZ is currently conducting research into Healthy Women in Performance Sport with a team led by Dr. Sue Robson. The end goal is to put together a strategy that aims to ‘ take up the challenge of identifying the gaps and opportunities across three areas – Environments (safety, voice, choice), Knowledge (resource development, skills training, research) and Evaluation (baselines, progress, priorities).’

Further, to this the High Performance Sport NZ website states:

“In order to deliver on our vision, “Women and Girls thriving through Performance Sport”, we’ve identified four strategic outcomes which are pivotal to the change we need to make.

The four outcomes are:

  1. Leadership engagement, advocacy and resourcing of female athlete performance environments
  2. Improved awareness, knowledge and skills in leadership, coaching and support teams
  3. Athletes better equipped to make informed health, wellbeing and performance decisions
  4. Improve the identification, and management of female health and wellbeing issues.”

To read the full statement follow this link