NZ Lead Youth Development Team

The Youth Development Team for the 2023/24 Season is as follows:

Junior Female

Rebecca Hounsell

Ngaire North

Youth A Female

Sophia Cook

Mischa Boorman

Grace Hansen

Laura Townshend

Renna Park

Cara Hicks (Discretionary)

Youth B Female

Katie Chinn

Xanthe Saunders

Fia Warburton

Amaya Tan-Peters

Mila Piatek

Alisa Schenk

Youth C Female

Ayla Radley

Charlotte Chinn

Anna Evans

Gwyneth Parchomchuck

Lucy Ranger (Reserve)

Youth D Female

Pippa Gower-Johnson

Nina Fookes

Junior Male

Nathan Clapperton

Flynn Marno-Simpson

Youth A Male

Spencer Menzies

Finlay Cate

Zhen Ng

Oliver Chinn

Grayson Meaclem

Harrison Larkin (Discretionary)

Youth B Male

Fletcher McGrath

Toby Gower-Johnson

Teo Besier

Conrad Bolger

Youth C Male

Tristan Jayasuriya

Tristan Wasek-Webb

Youth D Male

Hamish McLaughlin

Xavier Faber