New Zealand Youth Team

Climbing New Zealand is pleased to announce the athletes selected for the NZ Youth Teams 2020.

The Youth Team for the IFSC World Youth Championship is:

David Sheppard (WGN)
Matthew Jones (TKI)
Caleb Bryant (CAN)
Jake Townshend (CAN)
Tayla Manning (TKI)
Zeta Hittmann (WKT)
Jaymie Tervoort (WGN)
Phoebe Kenderdine (WGN)
Kiri Shibihara (WGN)
Henry Booker (ROT)
Kyle Langstone (AKL)
Oliver Shanks (WKT)
Oskar Wolff (WGN)
Antony Death (BOP)
Nat Warburton (WNK)
Mac Duggan (WGN)
Monique Gray (ROT)
Meredith Butcher (WGN)
Isabella Shanks (WKT)
Rebecca Hounsell (AKL)

Head Coach: Peter Lofthouse
Manager: Dion Clapperton

Additional climbers have been selected to attend Oceania events (Australian and New Caledonian events). Athletes are ranked (refer to the linked spreadsheet) as some events limit the number of New Zealand competitors. For example the Australian Youth Championships limits New Zealand competitors to two per discipline. Final selection for Oceania events will depend on the event and which athletes elect to take up a place. For information about Oceania events and registration processes please contact either Sarah Hay (Climbing New Zealand Oceania Council rep) or Dion Clapperton, National Youth Team Manager.

Additional climbers for the Oceania events are:

Nicky Dachs (CAN)
Kim Forde (CAN)
Abby Gebert (BOP)
Evie Boyd (CAN)
Bella Domaneschi (WGN)
Zoe Weldon (WKT)
Florence Smith (ROT)
Jasmine Arnold-Clark (WGN)
Kyra True (WKT)
Lily Taylor (WKT)
Daniel Dachs (CAN)
Kade Allen (BOP)
Ryan Langstone (AKL)
Harrison Larkin (TKI)
Keiran Death (BOP)
Will Browne (WGN)
Joshua Campbell (AKL)
Jeremiah Moses (WNK)
Jamie Birchler (WGN)
Logan Gallagher (WKT)
Cooper Robinson (WGN)

Full list of all teams and the discipline selections and rankings are to be found here.