CNZ National Open Bouldering Championship

Event Details


Climbing New Zealand Championships to crown National Open Bouldering Champions for 2019.

Open event is restricted to athletes 16 years plus (Youth A and above).

Club membership and CNZ licence required (International athletes require membership of their home federation).

Bouldering is low-level climbing without ropes on ‘blocs’ set by National-level route setters.
Safety matting protects climbers on falling.
Climbers aim to ‘Top’ as many problems in as few attempts as possible.
The competition runs entirely on Saturday and consists of one qualifying round of 5 blocs and one final round of 4 blocs.

Quals – climbers have 5 minutes to make unlimited number of attempts to top each bloc. 5 minutes rest between blocs. Finals: top 6 climbers from qualification round, 4 blocs, 4 minutes per bloc.

Entry fee options for this competition are $55 (Early Bird one category), $65 (regular fee)

Register early and save $10!

Registrations close midnight Thursday 19th Sept 2019. Early Bird registration price ends midnight Thursday 12th Sept 2019. Late registrations and those taken on competition day will incur an additional $20 late fee.


There is one qualifying round of 5 blocs
Each competitor has 5 mins to make as many attempts as possible to reach the top of each bloc.
In between blocs each competitor has 5 mins rest (on a chair in competition zone) during which they are not allowed to observe other competitors bouldering.
Competitors may not receive any information about the climbs during this resting time.

The top 6 climbers from qualifiers go through to Finals (4 blocs in 4 rounds of 30 mins).
When not climbing competitors wait in ‘Isolation’ – an area outside of the conpetition zone.
Isolation rules apply – no communication with outside allowed, no devices capable of receiving or transmitting communication allowed.

Cycle through blocs in pairs (Male/Female) in reverse order from qualification.
Climbers alternating isolation zones between cycles.
Each cycle is 4 mins per problem.
Climbers’ attempts end when their 4 mins are up.


Please Note: This timetable is accurate according to the number of registrations received. Please refer to the timetable at the venue for updates.

Saturday 21st September – CNZ Open Boulder Champs 


7:30 am – Facility opens for warm up

7:30 am – Isolation Opens Female and Male

7.45 am –Technical Meeting  (Judges/Officials/Team Managers)

8:30 am – Isolation Closes Female and Male

8.50 am – Athlete Briefing (held in Isolation Zone) 

9:10 am – Qualifying Begins Female and Male

11.26 am – Qualifying Ends Female and Male


12:30 pm – Isolation Opens for All Finalists 

12.30 pm – Resetting – All finalists must move to isolation or leave the facility

2:30pm – Isolation Closes Female and Male

2:30 pm – Finalist’s Briefing (held in Isolation Zone)

3:00 pm – Presentation of Finalists and Finals Viewing 

3:30 pm – Finals Begin Female and Male

5:05 pm – Finals End (depending on number of finalists)

5:15 pm – Prize giving

5:45 pm – Competition ends






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