2018 NZ World Youth Champs Team

CNZ congratulates all athletes, coaches and support personnel named below for the selection to the 2018 Worlds Youth Team:
Head Coach: Rob Moore
Assistant Coach: Zane Bray
Manager: Zil Yeaman
Assistant Manager: David Sanders
Travelling team:

Abby Gebert (BOP) – Youth B Female – Lead

Alia Robinson (WGN) – Youth B Female – Bouldering

Ariana van Lith (TKI) – Youth A Female – Lead

Henry Booker (ROT) – Youth B Male – Bouldering

Josh King (WGN) – Youth A Male – Lead

Lucy Whitehead (WKT) – Junior Female – Lead and Bouldering

Luke Gardner (ROT) – Youth B Male – Lead and Bouldering

Matthew Jones (TKI) – Youth A Male – Bouldering

Oliver Soar (WKT)  – Junior Male – Bouldering

Sam Munday (BOP) – Junior Male – Bouldering

Sarah Tetzlaff (BOP) – Junior Female – Lead and Bouldering

Zeta Hittmann (WKT) – Youth A Female – Bouldering


Unable to attend:

Kim Forde (CAN) – Youth A Female – Lead

Oliver Shanks (WKT) – Youth B Male – Bouldering

Tom Waldin (ROT) – Junior Male – Lead and Bouldering