New Zealand Senior Team

This page lists the current New Zealand Senior (Open) Team for 2020.

*Note: this team was selected according to the 2019 selection policy.

*Note: the Open team to compete in the Oceania Open Combined Championship event can be found here. Event details available here.

George Sanders (WGN),
Tom Waldin (ROT),
David Sheppard (WGN),
Alexander Kiechle-Cornish (AKL),
Tighe McCarthy (AKL),  
Josh Evans (AKL),
Chase Gatland (Reserve, AKL)

Sarah Tetzlaff (BOP),
Amanda Speed (BOP),
Tayla Manning (TKI),
Sarah Hay (AKL),
Phoebe Kenderdine (WGN),
Jaymie Tervoort (WGN),
Erica Gatland (AKL)

Coach: Rob Moore