CNZ Prize for Opens climbers

The CNZ Prize for Open Category Winners rolls over through the 2016 competitions.

Q:What does this mean?

A: The combined Lead and Bouldering Opens winners (Male and Female) at each National event receive free entry to the next National event.

For Example?: The first National event of 2016 is at Hamilton April 2/3. The Open Male and Open Female winners of Lead and Bouldering Combined at Hamilton receive free entry to lead and bouldering at Wanaka on May 7/8. Similarly at Wanaka, the combined winners receive free entry to Auckland National July 30/31. The winners of the last event of the year (Chch: Lead national champs – Sep 17/18) receive free entry to the first national of 2017.

Congratulations to Sarah Hay and Daniel Krippner – combined winners from last year – who have received the Prize for Hamilton 2016!

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