Well Done in Sydney!

Congratulations to everyone who made it over the ditch to the Oceania Lead and Speed Champs in Sydney this weekend. It was a fantastic event and a great start to a new life for Oceania Sportclimbing.

Thanks to all the people at Sportclimbing Australia for all their hard work and dedication, especially Romain and the Villawood team.

To our competitors and their families: Ryan and Kyle Langstone (both making finals of YD and YC) Jasmine Weaver, Ariana van Lith, Sophia Osipova, Matthew Jones (making finals of YB) and Oliver Soar. Well done to all!

Big shout out to Ian and Pete for a full on week of route setting – some pretty late nights in there for these guys – working with the Aussie and New Caledonian routesetters to produce awesome routes for all the climbers. Cheers!

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