Registration Open for 2016 Bouldering Champs – Wellington Sept 3/4

Online Registration is now open for this event.  Please go to the Competitions Tab and drop down to 2016 Bouldering Championships Wellington to register.

This event is being held on Sept 3/4 at Hangdog Climbing Gym, 453 Hutt Rd, Lower Hutt.

This event is open to all ages. Competitors aged 16+ may enter the Opens competition as well as the competition for their own age category. Under 14s (Youth C and D) have a separate competition on Sunday morning which is an introduction to competition bouldering.

There is a 1st place cash prize of $250 for the male and female winners of the Opens competition, which will be held entirely on Sat 3rd Sept (note: the CNZ ‘free entry to the next National Comp’ prize for Opens winners still applies – so this is a bonus).

Format  : This is the first time we have organised an exclusively Bouldering Championship for Nationals and the format is different from the one you’ll be used to.

There’ll be one Qualifying Round but instead of waiting in line in a group to attempt 8 problems competitors will be called out of an isolation zone one by one to attempt 4 problems in a row.  You’ll have 5 minutes to make as many attempts as you like per problem with a rest period of 5 minutes in between. Top 6 climbers will go through to the final.

Finals format will be the same as usual – 3 problems, resting in isolation zones between problems.

Youth C and D competition will be one final of 8 problems with a queuing system (the same format as we’ve used for Qualifying rounds to date).

See you all in Wellington!



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