Congratulations CNZ Prize Winners at Rotorua

Congratulations to the following climbers who have won free entry into the next round of the 2017 National Cup.  This prize is awarded to the climbers with the highest combined Lead and Bouldering scores for their category at each event of the 2017 CNZ calendar.  The prize is valid for each subsequent competition and rolls over to the first comp of 2018.

Youth D – Adam Iskrinski (WKT) and Meredith Butcher (WGN)

Youth C – Henry Booker (ROT) and Isabella Shanks (WKT)

Youth B – Joshua King (WGN) bouldering only, Luke Gardner (ROT) lead only, and Katie Morison (CAN)

Youth A – Tom Waldin (ROT) and Maayan Levy (WKT)

Junior – Oliver Soar (WKT) lead only, Patrick Soulier (WKT) bouldering only, and Lucy Whitehead (WKT)

Open – George Sanders (WGN) and Sarah Hay (AKL)

Masters – Zane Bray (AKL)



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