Youth and Masters Bouldering Update – Event and Selection Contingencies for Covid-19

Youth and Masters Bouldering Update

With preparations for the Youth and Masters Championships progressing well a few updates and reminders to our athletes.

To register for the event access the registration page HERE.

Remember that this event is the first event under the new season and therefore the age categories have changed. Please refer to the table below to check your correct category for this event. Note: we will check categories as part of the event setup process if you have registered incorrectly.

Age categories for Youth and Masters Bouldering Championships 2020/21
Masters – born during 1986 or earlier
Juniors – born during 2002/2003
Youth A – born during 2004/2005
Youth B – born during 2006/2007
Youth C – born during 2008/2009
Youth D – born during 2010 (or later)  

This event is also a selection event for New Zealand Team selections for 2021. Please refer to the Climbing New Zealand website if you wish to review the selection policy. Link to Policy.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the selection process please send an email to this email address 

Update on dealing Covid-19 impacts

For the Youth and Masters Bouldering Championships, we are planning the event so that it can proceed under level 2 conditions. This will include the scenario where Wellington is at level 2, and in the scenario that another region of New Zealand is at level two. In both cases processes and protocols around the event will be to a level 2 compliance standard.

The event will be cancelled or postponed if the covid-19 alert levels are above 2 in Wellington (or it is highly likely for this to be the case based on any issues arising in the 4 weeks prior to the event).

If there are disruptions to selection events related to covid-19:

1. The intent is to honour the principles and processes that have been documented in the published Selection Policy if this is at all possible.

2. Should covid-19 restrictions result in the cancellation of a selection event then there will need to be a reconsideration of the selection process for the 2021 Teams.

3. Should covid-19 restriction result in  regional restrictions and some climbers not being able to attend the event, we will ensure that all climbers seeking an opportunity for NZ Team selection to be fairly considered. This may mean arranging a regional event as a means of providing that opportunity and some adjustments to selections into selection camps as a result.

We looking forward to see you all in Wellington at the end of this month.

Richard Waldin
Climbing New Zealand

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