Sport Climbing at the Olympics is here!

Sport Climbing at the Olympics commences tomorrow eventing with the mens qualifications from 7.45pm. Women Quals are on Wednesday same time, with Mens finals from 8.25pm Thursday and Womens finals on Friday same time.

Looks like all the events and disciplines are on SkyTV Tokyo channels live with climbing on different channels each night, with some channel changes between disciplines. Check out skytv for the details here.

If you don’t already have access to SkySport here is some guidance as posted on our Facebook page.

To make it even easier we’ve put the link for the once off Olympic Sky Sports pass in our bio (insta) and website: it’ll cost you not much more than a bouldering session at your favourite local and you can invite all your friends and stream it off one device for all. Did I hear someone say Home Wall Olympic Streaming Challenge Night? Time to smash out some PB’s while watching history in the making!!

Not an add for Sky… 😉 But how good to be able to cheer on our Oceania representatives @tom_ohalloran and @oceana_climbing.

Once you have the Sky Olympic pass all you’ll need is the Sky Olympic Video Player App which you can log into with your Olympic Sports pass and “favourite” the climbing and any other sports. You won’t miss a beat (We’ve tested this out to be sure 😉).

Tom and Oceana we are right behind you! So proud! All your mahi coming to fruition. @climbingnz is here to cheer you on.

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