Final Youth Development Squad Selections

Updated to finalise Squad on 20/11/2021

Following the recent La Sportiva National Youth and Masters Bouldering Championships in Queenstown, we are pleased to offer athletes places in the Climbing New Zealand Youth Development Squad.

Selection into the Youth Development Squad provides athletes with the opportunity to seek further selection into a New Zealand Team in 2022. With current Covid-19 uncertainties further development squad activities are uncertain at this time.

Development Squad List

Junior MaleHenry Booker
Junior MaleOliver ShanksDiscretionary
Junior FemaleKiri Shibahara
Junior FemaleAbby Gebert
Junior FemalePhoebe KenderdineDiscretionary
Youth A MaleOskar Wolf
Youth A MaleAntony Death
Youth A MaleFin Newton-Howes
Youth A MaleNat Warburton
Youth A MaleJulian David
Youth A FemaleLucy Sinclair
Youth A FemaleWillow Cook
Youth A FemaleAzaria Briscoe
Youth A FemaleBella DomaneschiDiscretionary
Youth A FemaleIsabella ShanksDiscretionary
Youth A FemaleMeredith ButcherDiscretionary
Youth A FemaleRebecca HounsellDiscretionary
Youth B MaleSpencer Menzies
Youth B MaleWilfred Browne
Youth B MaleKeiran Death
Youth B MaleTama Huston-Jefferies
Youth B FemaleJasmine Arnold-Clark
Youth B FemaleMischa Boorman
Youth B FemaleSophia Cook
Youth B FemaleFlorence SmithDiscretionary
Youth B FemaleGrace HansenDiscretionary
Youth B FemaleDixie WhitingDiscretionary
Youth C MaleJamie Birchler
Youth C MaleCooper Robinson
Youth C MaleCooper Gibson
Youth C MaleFletcher McGrath
Youth C MaleAlex Mitchell
Youth C MaleConrad Bolger
Youth C FemaleKatie Chinn
Youth C FemaleAlisa Schenk
Youth C FemaleFia WarburtonDiscretionary
Youth C FemaleXanthe SaundersDiscretionary
Youth D MaleTobin Priestley
Youth D MaleTristian JayasuriyaDiscretionary
Youth D FemaleAnna Evans
Youth D FemaleCharlotte Chinn

Reminder of the criteria for selections:
Automatic selection of the top 40% of the eligible athletes invited to be a member of the 2021/22 NZ Youth Development Squad. Discretionary selections can also be made, refer to the policy for details.

Climbing New Zealand selection processes are documented in our selection policy page on our website, please refer to this in the first instance if you have questions. The actual policy document is on our web page here.

Note on changes from the original Squad published: Sabrina and Riley Butler are not eligible for New Zealand selection and were both removed from the list. Fia Warburton and Xanthe Saunders were added to the squad as discretionary selections on appeal.

Congratulations to all those athletes selected.

Richard Waldin
Climbing New Zealand

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