World Youth Championships – Selection Event

Selection Event for 2022 (for climbers seeking World Youth Championship selection)

The selection event will be held on Sunday the 19th of June at Extreme Edge Panmure (this is the day after NIBS at BoulderCo). The event will include Lead and Bouldering on the same day, the event is likely to run from 8am until 4pm on the day depending on numbers.

There will be a $50 fee to enter to partly over the organising and hosting of this event.

As per the Climbing New Zealand Selection Policy we are notifying climbers of the format for this event, as it differs from a normal national championship event.

Bouldering Format

Each category will complete 4 Boulders in IFSC Qualifiers format. From isolation, 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off, rotating through the 4 Boulders. Normal IFSC scoring will be used, with ranking of the athletes from the event providing points into the final selection process set out in the Selection Policy. There will be no finals.

Lead Format

Each category will complete 2 lead routes in on-sight format (no forerunner or forerunner video, 2 minutes to observe the climb, climbers remain in isolation until they climb, 6 minute limit on each climb). Time will not be used as a factor to separate climbers who are tied on an individual climb.

Scoring and ranking will be as per an IFSC qualification round with each climber ranked in each climb and the rankings combined to provide an overall ranking that translates to points that are then used in the final selection process as per the Selection Policy.

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