Youth Development Squad Selections

Notified 5pm, Friday 9th of December.

Following the La Sportiva Youth and Masters Bouldering Championships at Uprising, Christchurch on the 3rd and 4th of December the following athletes have been selected into the Youth Development Squad for 2022 / 2023.

Junior Female:

Bella Domaneschi
Abby Gebert

Junior Male:

Oskar Wolff
Fin Newton-Howes
Julian  David
Henry Booker

Youth A Female

Lucy Sinclair
Rebecca Hounsell
Meredith Butcher
Azaria Briscoe
Mischa Boorman
Sophia  Cook

Youth A Male:

Fynn Marno-Simpson
Mac Duggan
Finlay Cate
Kesha Cerna
Kieran Death
Spencer Menzies
Fergus Richards
Grayson Meaclem (Discretionary)
Nat Warburton (Discretionary)

Youth B Female:

Jasmine Arnold-Clark
Dixie Whiting
Grace Hansen
Katie Chinn
Xanthe Saunders
Alisa Schenk

Youth B Male:

Luka Sugimoto-Faulkner
Will Browne
Robert Rider
AJ Magness
Jamie Birchler
Cooper Gibson
Thomas Sorensen
Teo Besier (discretionary)
Conrad  Bolger (discretionary)

Youth C Female:

Fia Warburton
Manaia Johnston
Evie Cook

Youth C Male:

Tristan Jayasuriya
Fletcher McGrath
Samba Goyal
Leon Cotton
Xavier Wasek-Webb

Youth D Female:

Ayla Radley
Anna Evans
Yume Fookes

Youth D Male:

Tobin  Priestley
Huxley Bolger

Any athletes wishing to appeal the selection process, appeals need to be made within 2 working days of this post being notified to all climbers. Please ensure that you refer to the section 7 of the selection policy, and send any appeal to .

Reminder of the criteria for selections:

Athletes need to be eligible for selection, which means being a member of a Climbing New Zealand Affiliated Club and being eligible to hold a New Zealand passport.

Automatic selection of the top 40% of the eligible athletes invited to be a member of the 2022/23 NZ Youth Development Squad. Discretionary selections can also be made, refer to the policy for details.

Climbing New Zealand selection processes are documented in our selection policy page on our website, please refer to this in the first instance if you have questions. The actual policy document is on our web page here.

Being selected into the Development Squad makes the athlete eligible to seek New Zealand Team selection in 2023.

Congratulations to those selected.

Richard Waldin
Climbing New Zealand

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