Oceania Council for Sport Climbing (OCSC) seeks expressions of interest for route-setters and officials for the Oceania Olympic Qualification Event

The event will be held in Melbourne 24-26 November, with setting commencing on the 23rd.  

Accomodation and flights will be provided for one route setter and one judge if there is a suitably qualified candidate available. They will be working with Tim Hatch (GBR) as Jury President and Reini Fichtinger (AUT) as Chief Route Setter and there will be opportunities to participate in training around the event.  

I can answer any questions directly or they can put them in the last section of the form.  

Route Setters:

2023 Oceania Qualifier – Route Settersdocs.google.com


2023 Oceania Qualifier – Officialsdocs.google.com


Naomi Cleary

President Oceania Council

+61 417 251 942

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