Wrap up from Melbourne (IFSC Oceania Qualifier 2023)

It has been an incredible ride over the last week with the IFSC Oceania Qualifier 2023 in Melbourne Australia.

We are extremely proud of the whole team who represented Climbing New Zealand and their sport with pride.

We are obviously especially proud of the results from the Speed Team with Sarah and Julian on their wins and being awarded places at the Paris Olympics.

We are also proud of the rest of the Speed team, with many personal best times and 3rd places for Abby and Flynn. 

Congratulations to Jorja, Ned, Mischa, Meredith and Luke for all making finals.

Congratulations to Rebecca, Speedie and Oskar for making finals in the highly competitive Lead-Bouldering event.

Many thanks for Rob and Troy for supporting you all and to your supporters and Whanau for either being there or supporting from afar.

If you missed the Speed finals from Julian and Sarah, here is a better view that we got from the live feed care of Rob (only one camera involved, so much easier to follow) Very nervous times for all watching!

We will hear more from Sarah and Julian soon.

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