Open Team for 2020 announced

Congratulations to the following athletes who have been selected to represent NZ at International Open events in 2020:

George Sanders (WGN),
Tom Waldin (ROT),
David Sheppard (WGN),
Alexander Kiechle-Cornish (AKL),
Tighe McCarthy (AKL),  
Josh Evans (AKL),
Chase Gatland (Reserve, AKL)

Sarah Tetzlaff (BOP),
Amanda Speed (BOP),
Tayla Manning (TKI),
Sarah Hay (AKL),
Phoebe Kenderdine (WGN),
Jaymie Tervoort (WGN),
Erica Gatland (AKL)

Deleted selection results for all open and youth selections are available in the following 3 files:
Lead results
Bouldering results
Selection camp details

David Sanders
President Climbing New Zealand

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