Applications for NZ Youth Team Head Coach Position – 2020/21

Climbing New Zealand is seeking applications from people interested in the position of New Zealand Youth Team (NZYT) Head Coach for 2020/21.

This position is for a 2-year term, subject to review following the 2020 WYCH.

Successful applicant must be available to travel to the Youth World Champs to be held in Voronezh (Russia) 23-31 August 2020. Applicants may, in addition, be asked to travel to events in Australia and New Caledonia in which NZ Youth Team athletes are competing.

Please refer to the Job Descriptions below for further information.

Please note there is no remuneration attached to this position, however travel and accommodation costs will be incorporated with the team travel and reimbursement of expenses relating to these positions will be made by CNZ.

Parents/guardians, or any person who has a direct family relationship (including relationship partners) with any NZYT member may not be considered for this position.

Please apply to: 

Application closing date: Jan 7th 2020

Interviews will follow and CNZ will aim to confirm appointments as soon as practicable.

Position Title:                        NZ Youth Team Head Coach

Reports to:                             NZYT Manager

Functional Relationships:    CNZ Executive Committee

                                                CNZ Management Committee

                                                NZYT Managers and Assistant Coaches

                                                NZYT Members, Parents/Guardians and Coaches

Staff Responsibilities           Nil

Position Summary

This position is responsible for creating the environment for the 2020/21 NZYT which will enable NZYT to achieve to the highest level possible.


This is a non-funded position for a two-year term with review after WYCH 2020. 

Key ObjectivesPerformance Indicators
Relationship Management and CommunicationsEstablishes and maintains effective working relationships and communications with:
NZYT members and parents/guardians
Individual Members’ Coaches
Other NZYT Management
CNZ Management Committee 
Logistics ManagementFacilitates training opportunities for NZYT members
Facilitates training opportunities for other NZ coaches
Actively involved in Selection Event/s for World Youth Championships and Oceania Championships 


Technical Expertise
Excellent people skills
Proven competition climbing coaching record
Proven Youth Coaching Experience
Excellent knowledge of IFSC Climbing Regulations 
Communication and Relationship skills
Experienced and effective in relating to and communicating with young people
Maintains effective relationships with individual NZYT members’ coaches
Promotes a credible image and inspires confidence
Actively shares information, ideas and experience
Works to build trusting relationships with stakeholders
Treats people with respect and courtesy
Brings conflict into the open and facilitates resolution
Encourages the expression of differing and opposing views 
Decision making Skills
Works effectively with others to solve problems
Effectively balances key priorities when making decisions 
Reads the situation and carefully considers problems before making a decision
Consults, when possible, with relevant stakeholders before taking action
Takes personal responsibility for achieving desired outcomes
Reinforces Climbing NZ values and leads by example
Supports and advocates Climbing NZ’s position on all issues
Acts ethically and with integrity
Leads by example, practices cooperation, self-control, respect for others, and maintains high standards of performance, behaviour, language and dress amongst athletes.
Leading and Motivating
Motivates and inspires athletes to achieve optimal performance
Promotes a positive attitude towards change
Encourages teamwork and cooperation
Promotes and models a strong team focus  

David Sanders

President Climbing New Zealand +64273737336

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