Timetable and Live Streaming links for Open Bouldering Saturday 13th

Two live streams one for the qualifiers and the other for the finals.

Qualifiers: https://youtu.be/qIepGQ0KKa0

Finals: https://youtu.be/BT2B6rAwvtw


Please Note: This timetable is accurate according to the number of registrations received. Changes will be updated here and at the venue.

Saturday 13th February â€“ CNZ Open Boulder Champs 


7:30 am – Facility opens for warm up

7:30 am – Isolation Opens Female and Male

7.45 am –Technical Meeting  (Judges/Officials/Team Managers)

8:30 am – Isolation Closes Female and Male

8.50 am – Athlete Briefing (held in Isolation Zone) 

9:10 am – Qualifying Begins Female and Male

11.10 am – Qualifying Ends Female and Male


12:30 pm – Isolation Opens for All Finalists 

12.30 pm – Resetting – All finalists must move to isolation or leave the facility

2:30pm – Isolation Closes Female and Male

2:30 pm – Finalist’s Briefing (held in Isolation Zone)

3:00 pm – Presentation of Finalists and Finals Viewing 

3:30 pm – Finals Begin Female and Male

5:05 pm – Finals End (depending on number of finalists)

5:15 pm – Prize giving

5:45 pm – Competition ends

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