Updated Timetable for Lead and Para-climbing Championships 13th and 14th March 2021

Please check back to this post, periodically as we may need to adjust the timings over the course of the week-end.

Registrations and results will be posted to PIKI. https://piki.vimaly.com/#CNZ/event/8GjObq8m4UAOfY0FT/show

Saturday Youth D, Youth C, Para-climbing, Opens 
07:30Facility Open 
07:30Warm up Area OpensYD, YC
08:00Technical meeting 
08:15Athletes BriefingYD, YC
08:30Qualification Round 1YD, YC
09:50Qualification Round 2YD, YC
10:15Warm up Area OpensOpens, Para
10:45Athletes BriefingOpens, Para
11:00Qualification Round 1Opens, Para
12:45Qualification Round 2Opens, Para
13:45Isolation opensYD,YC
14:15Isolation ClosesYD,YC
14:45Finals StartYD,YC
16:05Finals FinishYD,YC
16:25Prize GivingYD,YC
16:00Isolation OpensOpens, Para
16:30Isolation ClosesOpens, Para
16:45ViewingOpens, Para
17:00Finals StartOpens, Para
17:40Finals FinishOpens, Para
18:05Prize GivingOpens, Para
Sunday Youth B, Youth A, Juniors, Masters 
07:30Facility Open 
07:30Warm up Area OpensYB,YA,J,M
08:00Technical meeting 
08:15Athletes BriefingYB,YA,J,M
08:30Qualification Round 1YB,YA,J,M
10:00Qualification Round 2YB,YA,J,M
12:30Isolation opensYB,YA,J,M
13:00Isolation ClosesYB,YA,J,M
13:15Observation 13:15 YB/M, 13:30 YA/JYB,YA,J,M
13:45Finals StartYB,YA,J,M
15:05Finals FinishYB,YA,J,M
15:25Prize GivingYB,YA,J,M

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