Updated Timetable for Speed Championships – Friday 12th of March 2021

9.00am Technical meeting – Team Managers and Officials

9.00am Youth C and D Warm up

9.20am Athletes Briefing – YC/YD

9.30am Youth C and D Practice

10.00am Youth C and D Qualification

10.30am Youth C and D Final

11.30am Youth C and D Prize giving

Route reset for remaining categories

11:00am Youth B/A/Junior Warmup

11.50pm Athletes Briefing – Youth B/A/Junior

12.00pm Youth B/A/Junior Practice

1.00pm YB/YA/Junior Qualification

2.00pm YB/YA/Junior Final

2.00pm Opens/Masters Warm-up

2.50pm Athletes Briefing – Opens/Masters

3.00pm Opens/Masters Practice

3.30pm Opens/Masters Qualifications

4.00pm Opens Finals

5.00pm Prize Giving

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