Guidance on applications for discretionary selection in current exceptional circumstances

According to the CNZ Selection Policy an athlete wishing to be considered for New Zealand Team selection in 2022, but unable to compete, can apply to be considered for discretionary selection under exceptional circumstances.

The selection policy sets out examples for reasons where exceptional circumstances will be considered. The inability to attend an event due to Covid-19 restrictions has been accepted as exceptional circumstances by Climbing New Zealand. 

In all cases athletes wishing to be considered for selection under exceptional circumstances still need to apply to CNZ to be included in the selection process.

You need to make your application to  as soon as possible with a cut off date of 5pm on the 1st of November.

Please ensure that your application asks for Discretionary selection under exceptional circumstances being Covid alert level and boundary restrictions (or any other relevant circumstance).  

Please state:

Athlete Name

Athlete DOB

Event – e.g Youth Bouldering

Category – e.g Youth A Female

Send all related information on recent and previous performances, all current or recent climbing activities, any injury, illness and recovery information, climbing goals and anything related that may assist the selectors.

How does selection work when dealing with exceptional circumstances cases?

According to the selection policy there are a range of approaches that the selectors can take to rank athletes who missed a selection event alongside others. The aim is to ensure the process is as fair as possible for all athletes.

According to the selection policy:

Appendix 2

Effect of exemption

If the CNZ Committee has granted an application for Exceptional Circumstances, the Selection Committee may adjust the points to be awarded to the athlete using one or more of the following:

  • If the athlete has missed a National Championship, award the athlete points equal to:

o Their placing at the previous National Championships they competed in, in the same gender, Age Category and Discipline, or

o The points they were awarded at the Selection Camp in that discipline, or

o The average of the points awarded to other athletes under Appendix 1 in respect of the National Championship in the same gender, Age Category and Discipline

Richard Waldin
Climbing New Zealand

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