Selection of athletes into the Youth and Opens Development Squads

Initial Selections (posted and notified 9.00pm, 21/05/2022)

Final Selections (posted 2pm, 28/05/2022)

This post notifies athletes of initial selections (and updated with final selections on appeal) into development squads based on the Lead discipline performance and Master selections for Bouldering and Lead.

Appeal Process:

Any athletes wishing to appeal the selection process, appeals need to be made within 2 working days of this post being notified to all climbers. Please ensure that you refer to the section 7 of the selection policy, and send any appeal to . (Deadline: Tuesday the 24th of May.)

Following the La Sportiva Lead and Para-climbing Championships, the following athletes have been selected into the Open and Youth Development Squads for 2022.

Open FemaleCirrus Tan 
Open FemalePhoebe Kenderdine 
Open MaleTom Waldin 
Open MaleJake Townshend 
Open MaleGeorge Sanders
Open MaleOliver Shanks
Open MaleChase GatlandDiscretionary
Junior FemalePhoebe Kenderdine 
Junior FemaleEvie Boyd 
Junior MaleOliver Shanks 
Junior MaleHenry Booker 
Youth A MaleOskar Wolff
Youth A MaleNat Warburton
Youth A MaleFynn Marno-Simpson
Youth A MaleAntony Death
Youth A MaleJulian David
Youth A FemaleLucy Sinclair
Youth A FemaleIsabella Shanks
Youth A FemaleRebecca Hounsell
Youth A FemaleAzaria Briscoe 
Youth B MaleBarney Gould
Youth B MaleSpencer Menzies
Youth B MaleSamuel McKnight
Youth B MaleHarrison Larkin
Youth B MaleWilfred (Will) Browne 
Youth B MaleKieran Death 
Youth B MaleOliver Chinn 
Youth B MaleFinlay CateDiscretionary
Youth B FemaleJasmine Arnold-Clark
Youth B FemaleDixie Whiting
Youth B FemaleLaura Townshend
Youth B FemaleMischa Boorman 
Youth B FemaleGrace Hansen 
Youth B FemaleRenna Park 
Youth C MaleJamie Birchler
Youth C MaleAlex Mitchell
Youth C MaleCooper Gibson
Youth C MaleConrad Bolger
Youth C FemaleXanthe Saunders
Youth C FemaleKatie Chinn
Youth C FemaleFia Warburton
Youth C FemaleAmaya Tan-Peters 
Youth C FemaleAlisa SchenkDiscretionary
Youth D MaleXavier Wasek-Webb
Youth D MaleElliott McLaughlin
Youth D MaleTristan JayasuriyaDiscretionary
Youth D FemaleAnna Evans
Youth D FemaleYume Fookes 
Youth D FemaleAlya Radley 
Youth D FemaleCharlotte Chinn

Masters Selections (Lead and Bouldering)

Female Masters – BoulderingRochelle Andrews 
Female Masters – BoulderingEmily LaneDiscretionary
Male Masters – BoulderingSefton Priestley 
Male Masters – BoulderingCraig Jefferies 
Male Masters – LeadJohn McKnightDiscretionary
Female Masters – LeadEmily LaneDiscretionary

Reminder of the criteria for selections:

All athletes selected must be entitled to hold a New Zealand Passport (be a New Zealand Citizen).

Automatic selection of the top 40% of the eligible athletes invited to be a member of the 2021/22 NZ Youth Development Squad. The same 40% has been applied to Masters selections.

Automatic selection of the top 25% of the eligible athletes invited to be a member of the 2021/22 NZ Open Development Squad.

Discretionary selections can also be made, refer to the policy for details.

Climbing New Zealand selection processes are documented in our selection policy page on our website, please refer to this in the first instance if you have questions. The actual policy document is on our web page here.

Congratulations to all those athletes selected.

For reference to previous selections into the NZ Development squads for 2021/22 from the Bouldering and Speed events refer to earlier posts:




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