Report: La Sportiva Open Bouldering Championships 2023/2024

Climbing NZ, in partnership with Northern Rocks, put on a fantastic event this past Saturday. With 21 female and 28 male climbers competing for the much contested Opens title, it was always going to be a great day.

The supporters spent their day watching and cheering some incredible climbers.

The qualifier round consisted of 5 climbs for males and 5 climbs for females. It was hard to know where to look at any given time.

6 climbers then headed to finals from each category. Although Jasmin Arnold-Clark placed 5th, she did not compete in the finals.


  1. Lucy Sinclair (Place:1)
  2. Azaria Briscoe (Place: 2.5)
  3. Amanda Speed (Place: 2.5)
  4. Tayla Manning (Place: 4)
  5. Jasmin Arnold-Clark (Place: 5)
  6. Kiri Shibahara (Place: 6.5)
  7. Dixie Whiting (Place: 6.5)


  1. Oskar Wolff
  2. George Sanders
  3. Finlay Cate
  4. Jake Townsend
  5. Spencer Menzies
  6. AJ Goldsmith

After a complete re-set, the athletes were then taking on 4 very difficult boulders. The crowd was engaged and hyped to watch these fantastic athletes.

Final Results and Podiums


  1. Lucy Sinclair
  2. Tayla Manning
  3. Amanda Speed
  4. Dixie Whiting
  5. Kiri Shibahara
  6. Azaria Briscoe


  1. Oskar Wolff
  2. George Sanders
  3. Jake Townsend
  4. Finlay Cate
  5. AJ Goldsmith
  6. Spencer Menzies

Overall, the day was full of action, emotions and joy. We thank our sponsors

  • La Sportiva
  • RAB
  • The North Face
  • Black Diamond

To watch the finals and qualifiers, head to our FB Page (available until 15/10/2023) to watch the live-stream videos from the day.

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